Angela Susini, Architect in Florence

Arch. Angela Susini, graduated in architecture at the Università degli Studi di Firenze il 29.03.1993 – entering the profession in April 1993.

I started work at the studio of the architect Paolo Piazzesi, while studying at the University and this confluence of work and study was instrumental in my later pursuit of my own architectural practice.

Since 1997 I have led my own architectural firm in Florence, the city where I was born. My work considers both the structural and design/creative details, with the aim of getting a functional and aesthetically valid result. I create Architecture in the broadest sense of the term although, the experience I have gained over my career, has led me to a specialization in existing buildings; concentrating on building renovation, restoration of monumental buildings and interior design.

I enjoy the hands on approach running a small firm affords me – with direct and continuous contact with the various trades and artisans involved in executing my projects. My work explores design in a detailed manner with careful choice of materials, concrete and creative inspiration, in order to create a harmony between spaces designed, colors, light and surroundings.

In my clear presentation of my ideas and proposals, I respect my client’s goals and work to reach the best solution that combines high levels of construction and aesthetics with a focus on the economic goals and needs of my customers. In addition to my careful respect for aesthetic and budgetary concerns, when I deal with interior architecture of buildings of different uses (residential, commercial, craft, etc.), I also maintain respect for the need to sustainable designs which create healthy environments to support those functions.